Saturday, August 30, 2008

Buchanan, Palin, and anti-semitism.

I'll begin by saying that if a person has never been on record expressing anything that resembles hate speech or antisemitism, it is a far-far far stretch to call him an antisemite. There is room for clarification if that person has at any point in time supported another guy who is infamous for being an antisemite.

First, I missed out on this thing altogether, because MSNBC is just not a channel I watch. The item was revealed live on Hardball and was captured by politico:
Buchanan: Palin was a 'brigader for me' in '96

Ben Smith finishes his post with a note that he will update when the McCain campaign answers. Again, I'll look forward to that.

Hotair's excellent pundit "Allahpundit", points out to the obvious hypocrisy as this item was revealed by Buchanan himself. On MSNBC. So how can they denounce her for supporting him, while interviewing him all the time?

Of all the sources in the world, Ynet has picked it up and reported on the other side of the coin quite well. The small Jewish community in Alaska attests to her support and affection to the Jewish community and Israel:
Meanwhile, Jewish sources and Israel-friends in the United States told Ynet that the Alaska governor has maintained very warm relations with the small Jewish community in the state, which comprises roughly 4,000 people. Moreover, Palin met with Israeli Foreign Ministry official David Akov, who served as Israel's Consul General for the Pacific Northwest Region.

During the meeting, the two discussed cooperation between Israel and Alaska on various issues, such as counter-terrorism efforts. Akov invited Palin to visit Israel and the governor expressed her desire to do so. She also reportedly told Akov that Alaska's residents love Israel.

I have a feeling this story is well on it's way to die down and become irrelevant.

Cleared and clarified here.

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