Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Terrorist, Murderer finds a home in Brantford, Ontario. Canada won't deport for 20 years

Is this another multiculturalism victory? As reported on
Canadian Immigration Laws Allow Convicted Terrorist and Killer to Make Home in Ontario
On Dec. 26, 1968, Mohammad and another gunman launched an attack on an El Al airliner at Athens International Airport. The two ran up on the tarmac firing guns and, throwing grenades at the passenger jet, wounded a flight attendant as she opened an emergency exit and killed a 50-year-old passenger, Leon Shirdan.

The gunmen were captured, tried and convicted in Greek court, and they were sentenced in 1970 to serve 17 years in prison. But they were released just months later after the PFLP hijacked an Olympic Airways flight and demanded their release as part of a hostage exchange.

In 1987, when a much grayer Mohammad arrived at Canada's doorstep, his entry visa made no mention of his terrorist act. Canadian authorities later determined Mohammad was a convicted terrorist, and they ordered him out of the country.

Yet Mohammad, having repeatedly appealed government orders for his expulsion, has extended his stay for 20 years. He still resides in the same house in Brantford.

You stay classy Canada - home of the... I don't know what exactly.
The Canadian government has also played a large part in Mohammad's stay; Canada will not send its deportees — even convicted terrorists and murderers — just anywhere.

"The rule is you can't send someone back to [face] torture," said Lorne Waldman, Mohammad's former attorney.

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I doubt he'll be tortured anywhere if deported. He'd actually be a hero in the middle east, heck he might even become a high ranking Palestinian official without a beep from Israel - as is the case with the terrorists running the PA and getting salaries through Israeli channels.

Well, as a resident of Michigan - there's no room for pride in own state's prosecution and deportation of foreign terrorists. Read Schlussel's posts about the Hezbollah Jihadist's training with AK47 in city park getting probation sentence and about a Hezbollah spy's in the CIA and FBI slap on the wrist.

So I guess having an old and dying murderer next door in Brantford, Ontario is not as half as bad as having an active community of terrorists in a city near you and having no action be taken against them even when they are caught.

Tolerance of such creeps will be the death of the Western culture.

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