Monday, August 18, 2008

Just how stable is the nuclear nation of Pakistan when it's leader for the last 10 years must go into exile when he resigns?

Yahoo News/AP: Musharraf exit unlikely to undo Pakistan militants
Almost towards the end of the AP report, a tiny insignificant nugget pokes it's head:
The outgoing president's own future home may depend on the militant threat against him. He has survived multiple assassination attempts and there is speculation that he may seek exile abroad for his own safety.

I'm no expert on Pakistani politics but the basics are known to everyone. It's a nation carved out of India by Islamist separatism, fought brutal wars against it's neighbors, still in conflict, it's security forces are involved with the Taliban and facilitated Al Queda and Taliban control over Afghanistan.

Oh yeah, and they have nukes and sold their technology at the black market to rogue nations like Iran.

Democracy and freedom are noble causes - yet mishandling and inappropriate applications of freedoms to the wrong crowds give us abominations like Iran's Islamic Republic. In the name of rule of law - an ally in the war on terror is forced into protective exile. What's going to happen with Pakistan now? Not that it has ever been an island of moderation - but will it be the next stronghold of terrorism?

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