Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bill O'Reilly gives Micheal Scheuer the Antisemite a stage - with predictable results

I don't have the video, so I'll just summarize. He interviewed him on the situation in Iran, in the end of the interview - out of the blue, not in response to a question Scheuer says something on the lines of:
The Israelis would love to get America involved in a war with Iran. To send American kids to die. The sad thing is that we don't have any control over whether we get involved with war or not. That Mr. Netanyahu does whatever he feels like and might get us trapped to that situation.

(paraphrasing what I heard - not exact quote)

O'Reilly made a sour face and said - "nah, Netanyahu wouldn't do that. He knows the situation".

What do we expect from Scheuer - the man is obsessed with his Jew hate - as we've seen before.

O'Reilly should know better - but then again, he is still comfy with the likes of Pat Buchanan - so there you have it. O'Reilly is not an antisemite, but definitely an enabler and provides a stage for them.

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