Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not terrorists, just good fellas caught fighting American troops in Afghanistan spend the rest of their lives in paradise. Makes sense

Pictures, and a few comments.

Welcome, try not to explode

Some people pay a fortune for this view. Others train with bin laden and get a free ticket from Obama.

Discussing the future, perhaps the US will send them some mail order brides too. 4 for each.

Let's give ice cream on the beach to all those who train with Bin Laden and fire at US soldiers. Not terrorists. Not at all.

If there ever was a time I wished for a shark...

Sharky, sharky, here's some food for ya...

Notice the shirt?

Next time you go through air port security and board a plane, think of this image.

Sources... all over the web. ABC, FOX, NY Post, daily telegraph and others. OK, mostly here.

Also, a quote I had to bring:
Guantánamo four stir up tropical storm in Bermuda The men have been renewing their acquaintance with the basic comforts of life outside prison, noting that since arriving they had glimpsed their first horse, first game of football and first fish – during a beach walk – that they had seen for seven years.

They are currently staying in a $200 a night guesthouse while the authorities arrange for them to have travel and work papers. Their expenses are being paid by the Bermudan authorities who are being recompensed by the US government.


"Our 13 brothers still in Guantanamo are just the same as us," said Mr Abdulqadir. "People need to understand that."


Only 200$ bucks a night? Why so stingy Barak? What's next for the terrorists in Gitmo - how can you make an even sweeter deal for the Jihadi scum?

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