Friday, June 19, 2009

Yahoo!Answers question: Name a single thing that is wrong in the Quran?

You are all welcome to try to answer that question....

Name a single thing that is wrong in the Quran? By a guy named Aly

My question would be: Name one thing that is NOT wrong with the Quran....

Related image, world smallest book of total evil, Quran:

Cross posted on Weasel Zippers, except for the following part:

A person can be a good person despite being a Muslim, and he might believe the Quran is great and perfect. As someone who is not Muslim, and who has seen so many hurt by Islam and Muslims, I cannot find my self defending the Quran. I have it at home in 2 languages and link to a browsable version of the quran on this blog. Only a Muslim would believe that statement, and anyone who is not a Muslim is free in a non Muslim repressive regime to ridicule it. I encourage moderate Muslims to understand that point. (And frankly, any Muslim who fails and sends threatening letters is by definition not a Moderate who by actions identifies the Quran as exactly what we refer to it - an evil old book)

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