Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama, Sarkozy, Berlusconi to Israel: Jews should live there - not there, why? Because we feel like it

Here are a few recent headlines and articles signifying the pressure isolation put on Israel just because Obama feels like it - not in exchange for anything, or to advance anything. One sided consessions from Israel have only advanced terror and carnage - but shhh... don't let the Democrats be aware of that, they might awaken from their Obama-euphoria:
Sarkozy asks Netanyahu for 'total freeze' on settlements (after Obama personally called him prior to meet asking for pressure on Israel)
Berlusconi: freeze settlements
WSJ: Hillary Is Wrong About the Settlements - "Despite fervent denials by Obama administration officials, there were indeed agreements between Israel and the United States regarding the growth of Israeli settlements on the West Bank"; Hillary is lying in order to hurt Israel.

Meanwhile, Obama is giving away good will to the worst regimes in the world:
US to restore ambassador to Syria
Obama sent letter to Khamenei before the election, report says

To sum it up, Israel is singled out by it's allies to forfeit it's bargaining chips before negotiation - while it's enemies are being courted with silk gloves.

To be clear, Israel is not obligated by any international agreement to stop construction. In fact - it's agreements with the Palestinazis specifically permit such construction. More-so, Jerusalem is Israel's capital and for some reason Obama thinks he can just dictate to Israel not to construct in its capital.

These world leaders aren't even talking about peace. They - themselves have put an obstacle to peace by permitting refusal to negotiate peace by Arabs until Israel first gives in to demands of "de-facto" nature. While Arabs still commit to nothing prior - during - and after signing any treaty.

Let's think for a moment about the legitimacy of the demand to halt construction (and ultimately uproot Jews from Israeli land). Why in the world are Jews being asked to leave land they have lived on for centuries (actually millenias)? Jews have lived in Hevron, Nabulus, Jerusalem (the old city, or "east" as is referred to by the media), and many other locations. These are not sporadic land grabs - Jews have always lived there. It was Jews who were brutally murdered and expelled in 1948, not Arabs. Arabs have evicted their own in anticipation of elimination of the newly declared Jewish state. After 1948, it was the Arabs who committed ethnic cleansing through out the Arab world, but also at these lands, and have caused the situation where Israel still had Arab residents, however all of the Arab countries had very small or completely eradicated the Jewish population.

Still, 61 years later - Obama thinks it is his mandate to demand further persecution of Jews who live on Jewish land.

How about demanding halt to construction of Arab houses within Israel? No? That's racist...

I my self would not choose to live beyond the 1967 borders - simply because I do not wish to live next door to people whose only desire in life is to murder me and my family FOR RACIST REASONS ALONE.

If Israel chooses to halt construction and eventually uproot families - it is its own choice to make, in accordance to Israel's national interests and in consideration of the entire population. It is by no means any of Obama's business to make this call. I still have not heard of a single demand from any Arab entity by Obama - none! But the pressure on Israel is daily.

What is Obama's goal? Is it peace? Absolutely not - putting obstacles ahead of negotiation does not promote any peaceful settlement and Obama knows that.

The answer is simple, Obama's goal is to maintain his sheepish heard support from American Jews, while building stronger ties with his Muslim friends. Israel's situation is of no concern and neither is peace. Obama's mentors were Marxists and Antisemites, his relationships with such individuals is undeniable. His actions are meant to accomplish deviant desires while hiding his true agenda.

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