Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Palestinian lawsuit condemns Canadian condo project as war crime

H/T to "The religion of piece".

Because now condominium is a war crime, but butchering kids at a Pizzeria is a cause for celebration. Palestinazi logic is UN approved so who are we to complain, just simple people with a tiny brain - yet unlike the Palestinazis and the UN - our tiny brain still functions...

Not child abuse - Palestinazis think Condominiums are war crimes, but indoctrinating children to genocide is A-O-K

Palestinian lawsuit condemns Canadian condo project as war crime
Members of a tiny Palestinian farming community will be in Quebec Superior Court Monday claiming two Canadian construction companies are committing war crimes by building condominiums and roads on the village's land in the West Bank.

It will be the first time that Canada's War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Act, passed in 2000, will be used in a civil case.

University of Toronto law professor Ed Morgan, who is also past president of the Canadian Jewish Council, said that while the move is ``imaginative,'' the group may have some difficulty in convincing the Quebec court that it has jurisdiction over the case.

``The Quebec court is going to have to find that there's a real and substantial connection to Quebec, which seems a stretch to me,'' he said, adding that any alleged wrongdoing would have taken place outside of Canada.

You know... Palestinazis in Canada have been away from the sun for far too long...

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