Saturday, June 13, 2009

What did I miss?

  1. Comedian makes derogatory statements towards 14 year old girls because her mom is of the wrong party.
  2. A plane from Brazil to France mysteriously explodes the same day I fly internationally to Israel.
  3. Obama grovels to Arab world in a speech, at least in an interview he disassociates Holocaust from Naqba (or something).
  4. O’Reilly and Glenn Beck are portrayed by left nut jobs as murderers of saint baby killer.
  5. A 90 year old anti-Semite murders a guard at holocaust museum. Funny story, I was initially told it was the wax museum. (Holocaust in Hebrew is Shoa, Wax in Hebrew Sha’ava – honest mistake by relative who misled me)
  6. Prejean is finally fired. Whatever.
  7. Actually, her replacement was against gay marriage too… so apparently being a beauty queen somehow makes a young girl’s opinion about such matters important to the rest of the world. Hint to gay marriage supporters: A queen of beauty rules no one. It’s not the crown of England.
  8. Paul Krugman proves to be one major toolbag. Should win a second Nobel prize for being the smartest dunce around.
  9. Terrorists are sent to paradise Island, not the reality show – just reality of Obama
  10. Foreign terrorists at foreign countries are given Miranda rights.
  11. N’ Korea shows us the magic of the ObamaMassiah is simple smoke and mirrors. More smoke.
  12. The anti-Semite finally came out of Obama’s “former” pastor. 20 years, didn’t pay attention. That’s one smart cookie we have for president.
  13. Stimulus is proven ineffective (if not further destructive), media plays interference for Obama.
  14. European leaders celebrate “playboy style”, Europeans generally approve.
  15. Lebanon proves that no one really understands Lebanon.
  16. Supposed sci-fi goof funny movie turns out to be a gross over-sexualized piece of crap. Will Ferrell keeps proving how over-rates he is.
I'll be back to regular 1 to 2 posts a day next week.

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