Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Micheal Scheuer - An Antisemite: America's Jews should be destroyed

I dug up something from March 2009, that's two months ago. I was reminded of this person in an article I read, and thought to my self: I really hope the rest of the people who work at the CIA are not like him. Then I googled for some recent verifications of my impression of him. I was not let down:

Scheuer: Emanuel is a Treasonous Israel-Firster

I won't quote the whole post which discusses Scheuer (I recommend you click and read it all), just a snippet that includes Scheuer's comment in his own blog:

This is a good question, but the discussion will be feckless if it avoids what the moderator refers to as intimations that may be "ugly." Well, friends, ugly is here and it has been here for decades. There is indeed an identifiable fifth column of pro-Israel U.S. citizens -- I have described them here and elsewhere as Israel-Firsters -- who have consciously made Israel's survival and protection their first priority, and who see worth in America only to the extent that its resources and manpower can be exploited to protect and further the interests of Israel in its religious war-to-the-death with the Arabs. These are disloyal citizens in much the same sense that the Civil War's disloyal northern "Copperheads" sought to help the Confederates destroy the Union. The Israel-Firsters help Israel suborn U.S. citizens to spy for Israel; they use their fortunes and political action organizations to buy U.S. politicians with campaign donations; and most of all they use their ready access to the media to disguise their own disloyalty by denigrating as anti-Semites or appeasers fellow citizens who dare to challenge them. The Israel-Firsters are unquestionably enemies of America's republican experiment and will have to be destroyed as the Copperheads were destroyed -- by the people, after a full public deabte (sic), at the ballot box."

This person was in charge of finding Bin-Laden during Clinton's presidency. Figures.

Can someone ask the Fox-News guys to stop inviting him? What? They're still cozy and comfy with Pat Buchanan? Never mind.

It's amazing that such a horrific failure of career would allow a person to be titled "an expert on fighting terrorism". He's an expert only in his hate of Jews.

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