Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is Britney Spears set to star in a Holocaust movie?

Please: NO! Tarts and genocide do not mix - unless it's going to be a fluff.

Is Britney Spears set to star in a Holocaust movie?
Is American mega pop star Britney Spears set to return to the big screen, seven years after starring in the box office flop Crossroads? According to reports, Spears has been offered a part in the upcoming Holocaust film The Yellow Star of Sophia and Eton, which integrates time travel, concentration camps and a love story.

If she accepts the role, Spears will be taking on the title role of Sophia LaMont, a woman who invents a time machine and succeeds in traveling to the time of the Second World War. According to the script, LaMont ends up at a concentration camp and falls in love with a Jewish prisoner named Eton. However, the budding love story is cut short when both are killed by the Nazis.

Spears is currently on tour promoting her album Circus. In stark contrast to her thriving music career, Spears' movie career never really took off. Critics panned her role in the teen comedy Crossroads in 2002. Since then, she has appeared in guest spots on TV series such as Will and Grace and How I Met Your Mother.

Time Travel?! It's not a holocaust movie - one wouldn't expect such horrific anecdote in history to be abused that way. Nazis killing Britney - that's an overkill too. A bad idea can get even worse.

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