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Good Read: Obama's Apology for Supporting Israel (6/5/2009)

One of things I missed while away.

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Obama's Apology for Supporting Israel
David Storobin, Esq. - 6/5/2009

"The Obama administration is considering reducing its support for Israel in the UN if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not agree to freeze settlement construction, US officials were quoted by the New York Times as saying. According to Monday's report, measures under consideration included refraining from the Security Council veto of United Nations resolutions that Israel opposes and making use of US President Barack Obama's "bully pulpit" to criticize the settlements."

On his current trip to Israel, President Obama refused to stop by Israel, a shocking slap in the face to Jerusalem. Israel is not some random country in the region, nor is it just a key ally in the region - it is involved in sensitive peace negotiations under the auspices of the United States and being ignored in such a way is a sign of the administration's bias and regional priorities.

The President repeatedly apologized for America's policy towards Moslems. But what policy exactly is it? In the war between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan, we sided with Muslims. In the war between Christian Serbs and Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo, we sided with Muslims. Between Indian Hindus and Pakistani Muslims, again, the US was allied with Islam. Turkey and Greece? Azerbaijan and Armenia? Somalia and Ethiopia? Washington sided with Muslims in all cases.

Between religious Muslims in Kuwait and the secular Saddam Hussein, we sided with the religious. We supported Saudi Wahhabis and opposed the secular Lybia.

In fact, we sided with Muslims in all cases except Israel. By apologizing, Barack Obama is apologizing for supporting Israel for there is nothing else that he could apologize for. Iraq? Maybe, but that was a war that replaced the secular Saddam with more religious, predominantly Shia rulers.

The Iraq War is also almost over, with withdrawals expected to begin in the coming months.

But how will the American policy change in the future? What will Obama's change be?

Only by withdrawing support for the Jewish state and shifting in favor of Islamic countries. By refusing to block the nonstop barrage of anti-Israel resolutions which come at Israel at a faster rate than what one saw against legal slavery in Sudan (until 1988), apartheid in South Africa (until 1994), genocide in Rwanda or any other conflicts. In many years, there are more proposed anti-Israel resolutions than anti-everyone else combined. Are we to believe that Israel commits more wrongs than all the world combined?

Will allowing these resolutions to pass become Obama's change? Change from what to what? From siding with a country that is being picked on and preventing it from being unnecessarily targeted to being in favor of anti-Semitism? Yes, anti-Semitism as a claim is being thrown far too often. However, the constant barrage of anti-Israel assaults in the UN can only be explained by hatred. It is not possible that Israel commits more crimes than the rest of the world combined; nor is it possible that whatever flaws it has are worse than genocide and slavery. The only way one can make such a claim, as the United Nations does by attacking Israel and ignoring all others, is if one is motivated by hatred towards Jews, and that would make it anti-Semitism.

Is that Obama's change? A change from fairness to anti-Semitism?
David Storobin is a New York lawyer who received Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Rutgers University School of Law. His Master's Thesis (M.A. - Comparative Politics) deals with the historical causes for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. He's been interviewed on radio and cited in books as a political expert. Mr. Storobin is also a practicing Criminal Defense and Family Law attorney.

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