Friday, June 05, 2009

Quick update from Israel: Fish stand at Ako open market at old city

I'll be back at the US on next Friday, and will be back to more actively blogging on the following week. In the meanwhile enjoy this photo, click to enlarge. About the photo; digital images cannot deliver the stench...

PS. Some of my uncles here say: Who will save Israel from President Hussain? My answer, 3 more years to election, hold on. Hopefully the American public will wake up and save Israel and the US from President Hussain, the socialist - pro Arabs, anti Israel, anti Jews - who simply doesn't understand history and realities of Israel, Jews and the middle east. I think the speech was awful. It was horrendous. I don't understand how some thought it "was surprisingly good". I guess you have to be more sensitive to see the false statements he made and the obnoxious groveling and refusal to criticize the Arabs.

I noticed a headline in Yediot Aharonot: "More Hussain than Barak".

Will those who voted for president Hussain finally wake up and realize they were lied to by the eager MSM? I guess not they are still protesting in down town Chicago "indict Bush". (photo taken by my wife on April 2009)

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