Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tax Relief? What tax relief?

Let's go down this Rabbit Hole... Say it Obama lied - economy died.

Are you surprised? I REALLY don't want to talk "Obama" much... it's almost more depressing than the economy. Almost. The thing is - I can't avoid it, can I? The headlines are flooded with the Obamahopeandchange circus.

AP already back spinning for Obama's most deceitful campaign headline promise: Tax relief to 95% of Americans.
AP poll: Public seems willing to wait on tax cuts

But there's hope... for change... right?
Vindictiveness: Obama team expected to broker deal on subpoenas (Democrats rubbing their hands anticipating prosecution of Bush's administration officials) - Check!
Diplomacy follies: Could Obama victory lead to Iran talks?, and: Iran tests precision missile able to reach Europe. - Check!
Things you couldn't imagine tax money spent on? Obama to Create White House Office of Urban Policy - Check!

Guess which failed and disgraced foreign affairs expert is back?
Obama Sending Albright and Leach to Economic Summit

That's one hag I know I didn't miss.

Just so you know though:
Obama's still after change... yours, that is
Delve in the irony of that post.

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