Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bibi Netanyahu accused of..... being too much of a Republican?!

Funny, I thought the leader of the Likud party, was... to be completely redundant... A Likud party member. An Israeli (with an American Green Card I believe). Not a member of a US national party. Hu... I guess the Israeli moonbats think it would somehow label Netanyahu in a negative way. Next they'll blame him of being too friendly to Sean Hannity. It seems the lefties in Israel are daydreaming about which country they live in and campaign for an election in.

JPost reports:
Labor and Kadima MKs said that Netanyahu was "too much of a Republican" to get along with Democrat Obama. They warned that electing Netanyahu in the February 10 general election would be a recipe for deteriorating ties between Israel and its closest ally in the world.

Kadima leader Tzipi Livni hinted at Netanyahu when she warned that "if Israel puts itself in a corner and is seen as rejecting diplomatic processes, we could enter an era that is worse than the current one."

Found it on:
Elder Of Ziyon:Labor MK gives best reason to oppose Labor/Kadima

I know Halloween is over, but for some odd reason, I'm still in a "spooky" mood...
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Sally's Song

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