Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nonie Darwish on "Rape as 'Resistance'"

Her op-ed is about this depravity:
Arab Islamic Feminism: Rape the Israeli Women to chase away the Joooos
Which was later discussed on hotair with a better link to a video:
Al-Arabiya: Let’s rape all the Israeli women

I did not hear a whisper of condemnation from any Arab or Muslim to this. A real shocker, I know. I found today this column by Darwish on FrontPageMag and it discusses the backwardness that is broadcaster across the Arab world these days:
Rape as 'Resistance'
On October 31, 2008, an Egyptian female lawyer by the name of Nagla Al-Imam suggested on the Arab TV channel “Al-Arabiya” that Arab men should sexually harass Israeli women, stating: “Leave the land so we won’t rape you.” She then argued that Israeli young girls and women are fair game for all Arab men and that there is nothing wrong in using this kind of threat as a form of resistance.

Does Ms. Al-Imam know the consequences of her message to sexually repressed young Muslim men? Does she have any human feelings towards the suffering of a woman being raped, even if she is an enemy? Isn’t she worried about the impact of this ‘license to rape’ on the character of young Muslim men and its impact on society as a whole?

Doesn’t her suggestion confirm the existence of Muslim Sharia laws that allow the sexual slavery of captive women in time of war? Doesn’t she know that such statements and action by Muslim men will increase the worldwide fear of Islam?

All of this is not very good for those who want to improve the image of Islam.

Things said and done, even by intellectuals, in the Middle East, personally no longer surprise me anymore. What I always ask myself is: Where are the protests of the so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims? Where are the voices of those who want to ‘educate’ and give ‘sensitivity training’ to the American public about how Islam is a religion of peace? Why are they not shouting “not in the name of my religion”?

I found it amusing to see the moral compass of the Muslim world when I watched an interview with the Egyptian cleric Zaghloul Al Naggar, who said on Iqra TV on September 11, 2008, that Muslims must reform the moral corruption of the West. Or when I listen to Muslim leadership say that we should take the opportunity of the financial crisis in the West to spread Islam. We, Arabs and Muslims, must think of how low we will allow our morality to go for (presumably) land we can hardly see on the map of the Arab world. If that will not wake the West up, I do not know what will.

Nonie Darwish is an American of Arab/Moslem origin. A freelance writer and public speaker, she runs the website

What would it take to find spontaneous acts of dignity in Egypt and the Arab world in general?

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