Friday, November 21, 2008

10 Reasons NBC chose to bring Rosie Odonnell back on primetime

In a move that defies any logic, the network which used to be number 1, and is now number 4, digs deep for number 11...

Rosie Odonnell on Wednesdays at 8pm

Here are 10 guesses as to why did NBC do this:
  1. They wanted to boost cable subscriptions in a down economy. The less choices on public TV, the more chances you pay for cable.
  2. They want to break Guinness world record on low prime time ratings in the USA.
  3. They think they aren't stigmatized as leftist zealots to a satisfactory degree.
  4. They want to bring quality humor like "ching chong ching chong" back to prime-time.
  5. There are too many pretty people on prime time.
  6. Either GE has money to spare so they decided to give away shareholder's last dime to one of the most unloved D list celebrity in the country, or Rosie was as cheap as a star they could get.
  7. They don't like men watching their channel.
  8. They want Trump to say "You're fired" live and this time to really mean it.
  9. Fear Factor was not yucky enough.
  10. NBC believes 9/11 was an inside job and wants us to believe it too.
Full file on why Rosie should not be on any public channel simply because she's a deranged nut case who believes in "9/11 inside job" truferism:
The Full Rosie

NBC - Numerous Bias Circus

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  1. She's probably paying for the production. Remember her $10 million dollar investment in a play called "Taboo" with fellow homo Boy George that bombed on Broadway? Well, now she can bomb on live TV. I give this series a few weeks before it tanks. There's a reason why there are no variety shows on TV anymore.