Monday, November 10, 2008

Anti Palin leaker admits

What do you know - it's Martin Eisenstadt. A source of disinformation through out the last several months if you've been tracking his weird posts about SNL's preferred candidate...

Oh boy.
Eisenstadt the source for Sarah Palin Africa leak… and proud of it.

So yes, to be clear, last week I was the one who leaked those things to a producer at Fox News who works with Cameron. Carl and his producers are good guys, and I don’t want them to have to worry about protecting their sources (and going through the wringer ala Judith Miller or Matt Cooper) on something like this...

It has just come to my attention, is this guy a hoax?
Hotair's bloggers think so.
Holly crapper. (the famous builder of... toilets)

A stalker too?


Update 2
Oy vey about blogging

Update 3
Yes, the stalking asshole is a hoaxer, and for some "odd" reason very friendly with the NYTimes.

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