Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Arab Islamic Feminism: Rape the Israeli Women to chase away the Joooos

"Get out of our lands so that we won't rape you" says the nice Egyptian female lawyer to 50 million Arab TV viewers.

Found it through TheReligionOfPeace.com:

The video is in Hebrew and Arabic with Hebrew subtitles:

The service from the Israeli site randomly drops... Here's a link to the site:
Video found here

The following blog has an English transcript:
Man: Why have you called to do these things?

Woman: It's a form of resistance. I think all Arabs are allowed to hurt them (the Israelis). It's no shame...

Man: Why?

Woman: They (the Israelis) abuse the Arabs' rights and steal their lands, and a land thief is no different than he who hurts one's honor. I think it's a new kind of struggle.

Man: Does the license to hurt them also include rape?

Woman: No, sexual harassment... I want to say that they (Israeli women) have no right to react. That's my opinion. That's my claim. They (the Arabs) won't be the initiators, because those who bare the struggle have a high moral standard. But if it does happen to them, they have no right to demand anything, because we are equal on this matter: get out of our lands so that we won't rape you, this equals that.

Thank god Obama will fight "Islamophobia", we won't be subject to the truth about Islam any more.

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