Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Creepy and stupid at once

I know at this point and time, it doesn't change a thing. I just still can't really believe this disaster is in the making.

Obama is advertising on Hulu.com right now - on "Terminator". Now isn't that creepy? And stupid.

The one says "We're going to change the world"... now wait just a second, didn't you mean America?!

If the false messiah wins today, and Al Franken wins, and many other loons - it's going to be 4 years of "I can't believe this bull". I already can't believe people are this blind as to who this person is and what he stands for.

Democrats, grow a pair, open your eyes and see it for what it is. Obama is not a Democrat. He's a far left loon who wants to "change the world". It's not a unicorn he's promising although the vague words he uses could very well stand for that. It is quite simple to find out where he stands if you just open your eyes and listen to what he says when he thinks the general public isn't listening:

Obama means what he says when the rest of us aren't listening, look how he twisted and bent to justify his "bitter and cling to their guns and religion" statement:

Listen to him when he's not trying to divert his previous words:

Or consider this:

Repeat after me, and consider saying this a couple of times every day for the next four years: "I Can't Believe This Crap."

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