Friday, November 07, 2008

Defeatists winds from the Guardian

Despite GOP's loss of the election, the global lefty alliance is relentless; The west, they insist must proclaim defeat at all times when fighting Jihadists. They won't accept that this fight will go on as long as the counter side refuses to surrender. Since the counter side is insane and suicidal, and only wishes to bring destruction to the world, they would, in fact never surrender. To concede the battle field to these people is to guarantee being hurt at home, something the lefty loons will never acknowledge.

Guardian:"Seven pointless years in Afghanistan"

Note, this post was written on November 7th, 2 days before the op-ed was published by Guardian online. The title and a few lines were available on google search and I predicted what the article would hold inside. I wasn't wrong, therefore I publish my post today.

Of course, the article is directed more at the crowds at Britain. For them I admit, folding their tail in Afghanistan won't matter as much - because over the last 30+ years they have imported Al Qaueda from Pakistan and all over the Muslim world, and in the name of multiculturalism have surrendered and forgotten English culture and history. NATO's cowardice is to be scolded and frowned upon, not nurtured.

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