Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What the...?! Creepy celebrities 'I pledge' video

* I missed out on first publishing this post: THIS VIDEO WAS PLAYED FOR LITTLE SCHOOL CHILDREN IN UTAH!!!

The following was unleashed in January 2009, still creepy. I'm assuming Ashton's Mensa card membership has been revoked since...(sarc)

'Pledge to be of service to Barak Obama'

Bunch of pumped up heroin induced people with too much money - who can't see a 'strong man' Marxist on the rise grinning at their face.


I pledge to never worship a man or an idol!!! I hope most sensible people will pledge the same.

The use of the word 'pledge' is not at all subtle. First they replace the pledge of allegiance to the constitution with this horrible leader worshiping, next the constitution and the freedoms it promises. So sick - my words are too benign to describe.

H/T: Malkin - I hope she's wrong and this is not what our kids will be subjected to on first day of school. I'm losing hope - while absorbing 'change'.

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