Thursday, September 17, 2009

Satire site created video which pisses the Swedes and Norwegians off

Pretty lame video, but got enough Scandinavians ticked off.

With classic remarks by said Swedes and Norwegians:
"Jews killed Jesus and are now killing Palestinians. "
"S i o n i s t b a s t a r d s. "
"Wow, this was pathetic. Who thinks this is good satire? There's not a single joke in the entire sketch.

And it's a shame that Israel can't take any constructive criticism without jelling "anti-semite" as loud as the possibly can. It's like speaking to a brick wall.
When we criticize Israel then that is only what we criticize. We're not criticizing Jews, because that is irrelevant for the most of us. I know it is for me." [You mean harvesting organs blood libel is criticism of Israel?! Constructive...]

"Go back to the Gaschamber

Greetings from Sweden. "

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  1. Norwegians are in general much more critical of islam than the Swedes. Norway have a problem with it's politicians. The people is more negative towards that religion. It's Norway's leaders that are too naive.

    Few people in Sweden have a realistic view on the dangers from islam. Ironically one of the few alert people is Björn Ulvaeus from Abba. He recogizes the threats. Scroll a little bit to read an interview in English: