Friday, September 04, 2009

Forget our communist trufer advisor Van Jones, the Jews are building day cares and appartments

Also, Honduras are following their constitution, Cuba is still Cuba - and this administration is wrong on all issues....

* US harshly rebukes Israel on settlement plans

* It's Official: The United States Now Punishes Democracy-Loving Countries That Dare Oust Thuggish Dictators: US Will Be Cutting Aid To Honduras And Denying Visas To Supporters Of Interm (Constitutional) Government . . .

* Honduras: A Truth Stranger Than Fiction?

* Of Course: Obama Administration Expands Visas To Cuba After Stopping Most Honduras Visas

Can this administration fulfill our worst nightmares any better? (well... yes, let's hope they don't)

Exit provocative question: Does Obama hate Jewish children?

No Kindergarten for you! Because you're Jews in the west bank! Religious apartheid and discrimination in real estate - that's the Obama policy.

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