Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hamas losing support in polls? So what - so is Ahmedinajad

And Ahmedinajad "won" the election, same for Assad. How do polls matter in regions of complete disarray, mayhem, murder where the only aspiration of people is to destroy the opponent - which just happens to be Israel at this case.

Anecdotal data which to me only signals backward optimism:
* Fatah was still able to edge Hamas by 3% in Gaza, where 33% of those polled said they favored Fatah, compared to 30% for Hamas
* Fifty-seven percent of Palestinians in the West Bank also said they disapprove of Hamas, but only 16% disapproved "strongly."
* When asked who was responsible for the current crisis in Gaza, Israel was overwhelmingly blamed by all the groups polled. But while 5% of Egyptians and Jordanians blamed Hamas for the current crisis, 35% of Palestinians in the West Bank said Hamas was to blame, while 16% of Gazans agreed.
* While 35% of the other groups polled stressed the importance of releasing captive IDF soldier Gilad Schalit, an overwhelming two-thirds of Gazans said the same.
* Fifty-six percent of West Bank Palestinians said that in retrospect, they wished Arafat had accepted the agreement, while 50% of Jordanians and 39% of Egyptians said the same. In Gaza, 57% of those polled said they did not regret Arafat's rejection of the deal.

When reading poll data, a fun thing to do with how it is reported is to invert the message, that is - if 56% wish Arafat had signed a final peace treaty, that's 44% who say they would never accept any peace with Israel. 66.6% of Gazans say they approve of releasing Shalit, that's 33.3 who think holding a human being for a punching bag for ever is a good idea.

Source, JPost: Poll: Hamas approval rating extremely low

And again, reading the title of this article I ask - so what if Hamas' 'approval rating' is low - it's a barbaric murderous tribal society, approval ratings do not matter to them. Once they took control by force, they won't let go. There are enough crazies in their ranks - and the only way to make a living in Gaza-hell is to appease the oppressing Iranian/Hamas regime. Want to make a living in Gaza? Work for Hamas. Checkmate by Hamas against Gaza's Arabs, end of story (for a long while).

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