Friday, September 04, 2009

On the end of a low rating Friday, MSM awakens to the 'Van Jones Issue'

Why so red?

Just us loony right wingers - rambling about self described communist and racist who should not be employed in our government....

WSJ: Inflammatory Statements Trip Up 'Green Jobs' Adviser

CBS: Obama Green Jobs Adviser Under Fire for 9/11 Petition

AP: White House tight-lipped about Obama adviser

Boston globe: Obama adviser in trouble

SFGate: White House lukewarm on Van Jones after his "9/11 Truth" petition signature surfaces -- but Newsom "stands by him

It only took them... forever to awaken to the issue. Still, downplaying it, blaming 'right wing extremists' for making a mountain out of a racist communist employed as an adviser to the president in the white house.

Also kudos to Jake Tapper from ABC (white house corresponded I think) who did mention this issue more than once on his blog.

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