Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Depressing old Israeli music: Shlomo Artzi, I carry with me

I carry with me/"Ani No'sea Imee"/"אני נושא עמי"

Such a beautiful and sad song. I heard a while ago that Shlomo Artzi who sings only in Hebrew has fans from all across the world, many of which don't speak Hebrew.

This is the kind of song one would hear on Israeli radio at memorial days or after terror attacks. With world wide natural disasters hitting one after another in the last few days - this song matches the global mood of catastrophe.

Hebrew lyrics: here.
Autotranslated: here

I fixed translation, might have misunderstood some lines (poems tend to play language and metaphorical games)
I carry with me the sorrow and silence,
The view of muteness we burned with fear,
Wasn't you who told me: "The city is so empty"
Wasn't you who told me: "We'll keep silence together."

Yesterday in my window roses of comfort died,
In my window the open spaces view was,
Only streets still smiling at full width,
Every window is lighter to light the evenings.

Let's go out again to the outdoors where we walked before,
To my favorite park benches.
Maybe we'll meet another face that we have forgotten,
May hear again the same song.

In those dreams on the cold bench,
In those dreams will set our past to sleep.
Until one day a tall, familiar,
Will fall back on our necks with kisses.

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