Thursday, September 03, 2009

How soon will Obama throw Van Jones under the bus

First, some Van Jones trutherism on Glenn Beck:

H/T: hotair
Then, the not so very original, not very funny 'under my bus' poking fun at Obama's habit of throwing the inconvenient under the bus - until the election.

Now that the election is ancient history, will Obama really stop pretending and start saying what he thinks aloud? His actions thus far spoke louder than words. Hiring these loons, these communists, these Czars speaks volumes. Bus or no Bus - not firing this guy would say: 'ok you got me and I stop making excuses, Van Jones speaks for me'. Firing this guy says: 'I'm a mumbling buffoon - pay no attention to what my left hand is doing as I wave my right one'.

I'm still amazed Obama's approval ratings are above 20%, heck - above the 5% still identifying self as 'communists' in this nation.

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