Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UN's Israel war crimes report: Lies, detached from reality, reinvents international law

I won't claim I will spend one second of my time going through that garbage, but Elder-Of-Ziyon is:

* Goldstone report inaccuracies part 1
* Goldstone report inaccuracies part 2
* Goldstone report inaccuracies part 3
* Goldstone report inaccuracies part 4
* Goldstone report inaccuracies part 5
* Goldstone report inaccuracies part 6
* Goldstone report inaccuracies part 7

EoZ found that Goldstone relied on HRW, and other groups who have been shown to be liars making up numbers and accusations. He shows that Goldstone proclaims Gaza is still occupied by Israel. That Goldstone managed to separate between Hamas and all the terror actions taken against Israel.

The sad truth, this report is a declaration of war against Israel by the UN. It's not a low point - it's the worst abuse of the international body ever perpetrated. Sadly, I believe lefties in the US will latch on and buy into these accusation. Some have speculated Obama would stoop to using this report to put further pressure on Israel.

* Kangaroo Court Issues Its Verdict -- Goldstone Speaks
* In wake of Gaza probe, how can Israel go to war again?
* Israel readies for diplomatic war over 'biased' UN Gaza report
* NGO Monitor: The Goldstone “Fact Finding” Mission and the Role of Political NGOs - Discussing Goldstone relationship with HRW - board member who resigned after assigned by UN to do his worst against Israel

UN: The saying 'See no evil hear no evil' - isn't strong enough here, the UN does evil.
Question to UN, How did you miss this war crime for 8 years and manage to exonerate Gazans from responsibility?! I bet they open Champagne bottles at the UN offices every time a Jewish child is murdered by the Hamasholes.

Richard Goldstone, an enemy of Israel and the Jewish people. A friend to murderers and terrorists. Truly, the worst person in the world.
He can proclaim to be Jewish by genes, he can practice Judaism - Richard Goldstone is not a Jew, he is by his action a Nazi. A law bending Jews hater.

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