Thursday, May 07, 2009

Unmanned Ground Vehicle: A wasteful toy or a serious combat tool?

I already expressed my skepticism of it when I first heard of it. I think I posted about it about 2 years ago.

The following video is in Hebrew, but I think you would get the gist even if you don't understand the narration:

I can definitely see the uses in having mobile unmanned eyes around a combat scene. Not sure I appreciate the capabilities as a patrol replacement. Besides driving cameras - it serves no physical purpose. It's an extension of the unmanned drones used by tiny units, except the view is even more restricted.

I'm pretty sure the manufacturers will tell you a whole different speech about it's combat uses. What do I know - it's just an impression from watching a video.

H/T: rotter Hebrew news forum.


  1. Janes defence weekly ran an article on these a few months back. Uses included:
    Robot Mules
    Robot scouts (already in use)
    Robot Ambulances
    Having spent many a night (and day) on guard duty. I for one would not have minded arnies (great-great grandfather stagging on for me)

  2. video of mule robot:


    I hope the unmanned ground vehicle is more useful than my impression of it. Can you imagine the "back-office" logistic of controlling a few of these and some drones above a fighting arena?

    I can only guess that it was in use during the latest Gaza operation. It's publicly presented only because it is being offered to forces outside of Israel.