Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thinking of traveling to Israel? If it's good enough for the Pope...

Check out the Israeli government tourism site, not bad at all:

I bet you'll have even more fun than this guy did:

There were a few controversies with the pope's visit. I would say: ignore, it's idiotic. Some nutcases (mainly Arab but a few Jews) - try to turn any such event into a propaganda theme. IMHO it was a peaceful religious tour of the pope, and one should not expect any more or less than that. It's Israel's best interest to hold good relations with the catholic church. Knee jerk hate reactions will not help anyone.

Looks like there quite a few proud Israelis who were happy to greet the pope and wave Israel's flags at the same time.

I bet you won't find pictures of the pope having fun at the Dead Sea:

You could... if you take a vacation there.

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