Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obama: May is Jewish Heritage Month

Urrr... who needs this? You know - there are only 12 months a year, will each and every month be dedicate to some minority heritage?

To emphasize how unnecessary this is: 76% of American Jews vote for Democrats regardless of the candidate or the agenda. So this latest move bought Obama 0 new votes.

From what I read - he declared May 2009 a heritage month, so there's hope it won't be an annual occasion (like other American "heritage months").

Can anyone say "distraction"? I mean, I'm pretty sure there are other hot press issues to deal with... what do I know.
Obama: May is Jewish Heritage Month

OK - one more note: He declares May 2009 a heritage month, on May 13. So in all essence - it's half a month. Insulted? Also, usually "heritage months" are elementary school items - since all schools are busy wrapping up the year, the proclamation is literally fluff. Thanks for nothing.

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