Monday, May 11, 2009

Comedy central panders to Hamas supporter Cat Stevens

To Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: FUCK YOU (isn't that what you guys said to Rush and Cramer and others? Isn't that the level of discourse between 11pm to 12am at Comedy Central?)

I saw the promo on a commercial break on Comedy central, and on Colbert's site it says he'll be hosting the Hamas fund raiser at 14th of May.

Ha-ha, they are SOOOO funny, not. Who's the next "star" to pander to? Hitler?

So what if Cat used to be a peacenik hippy - he contributed money to Hamas. How much more clear could that be? He converted and is practicing his new "religion" in mosques where radicals preach hate and murder.

"Comedy Central"? More like lefty insane propaganda central.

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