Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hillarious Arab Propaganda Photos from Gaza: Building Mud Houses

The stories and photos are all over the web, I guess the Hebrew discussion board I'm linking the photos from took it from a news wire. If you understand Hebrew and/or want to see all the photos click here.

Every propaganda photo-shoot from Gaza has to have barb wire in it. Never mind who put the barb wire, and if Israel is actually containing them in prisons - notice in the following photo that there aren't any barb wires around:

Is he pouring Camel piss to make the mud more similar to normal cement? Look, even this Camel piss guy is laughing this idiocy off. (Don't tell the AFP who pushed the story to many media outlets world wide)

Hey - why are they building a cement-blocks wall around the mud shit place? Didn't the AFP say they don't have any cement? Oh - I get it, Hamas took all their cement and only left them enough to surround the complex with walls (like mid-evil castles?!). Err, wait, AFP didn't report about Hamas stealing the building materials nor any background regarding why Israel is placing restrictions on Gaza imports... the stories all start and end with the terrorists allegations - never any true journalistic work.

OK - look, I get it, they like living in Camel piss and shit block made homes, but why mud beds? Did the evil jooooos prevent you from building normal beds? Why the stains on the cloth? Did the evil Joooos come at night and force you to piss in bed too?

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