Sunday, September 04, 2011

So much bad news - that people just tune out

Items I didn't post about - that just happened over the last few days:

* Turkey expelled Israel's diplomatic envoy, threatens naval conflict

* Egyptian demonstrators still demand Egypt do same

* Rockets keep raining on Israelis in the south, one elderly man died of his wounds from two weeks ago

* Israel still is not retaliating, not taking out Hamas

* PA still not condemned terror attack on Eilat, meanwhile, planning to announce state in UN and proclaim sovereignty over Jewish sites and residential in Jerusalem.

* Iran has activated its Nuclear power plant and connected to the grid. Unreliable Debka website claims Iran enriching Uranium to %60 percent, publicly experimenting with nuke carrying missiles.

* Turkey's PM to visit Egypt and Gaza, in some attempt to further slap Israel around

* NIF exposed to yearning for Arab state to replace Jewish Israel, lament lack of political support in Israel for their devious plans

Other shit to make you sad and depressed...

Sorry for not supplying links on this late Sunday, I'm still not trying to be a very active blogger right now. Perhaps I'll get back to it a month from now.

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