Monday, September 26, 2011

During Palestinian UN Statehood Circus: Arabs Murder Dad and Baby by Throwing Large Stones from Moving Vehicle

This is actually a running theory, and the article (in Hebrew, auto-translated) mentions the controversy towards the end. Jewish residents from around where the murder occurred say there's video of Palestinians surrounding the vehicle, of stone throwers and that the victim's personal belongings including a gun were missing. Regardless, this case shows how lethal rock throwers can be. Haters will continue to downplay the poor victim Palestinians only using rocks to fight for whatever made up excuse they have to attempt to murder Jews. Rock throwing can no longer be underestimated. Civilians are murdered. A baby was murdered. This is the only goal 'Palestinians' have, even if they proclaim a desire for a state, for a 'peace process' or whatever. It's about murder of Jews.

While Abbas and Erdogan were spewing their anti-semetic hateful speeches, Arabs murdered this baby and his father.
Hebrew version of article: Here
English auto-translation: Phenomenon in the West Bank: Palestinians throw stones from vehicles

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