Friday, September 16, 2011

Only 22% of American Jews pleased with Obama's Israel policy

I think I might switch sides just out of pity. Oh wait, my issues with Obama have more to do with his policies INSIDE America... I keep trying to find silver linings in his Israel policy, with lower expectations - you can mostly be surprised for the better. Mostly.

Obama Loses Jewish Support

Jewish support for Obama drops from 80%; only 22% pleased with his treatment of Israel.
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Seriously though, all of the Obama-Israel crisis hypers of NYT and Times mag: Did you notice that Obama has refused to talk with Palestinians for 8 months? And that he proclaimed he will veto Palestinian state move in UNSC?

I don't think Obama is about to turn the Jewish vote back - but I do believe it has a lot more to do with Green Jobs right now, than with Israel. No, he doesn't like Bibi, and yes, his policies at beginning of presidency caused the cascade of troubles Israel is facing now - but objectively observing current policy (since Turkish flotilla) - I notice a lot more alignment with Israel according to mutual values and interests of the two nations.

Final note: This administration's left hand knows not what the right hand is doing: Pro-Hamas Turkey and U.S. Will Co-Chair Obama-Backed Counter-Terror Forum--Israel Not Included

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