Monday, August 29, 2011

Another day another attempt by Arab Muslim to murder Jews in Israel

Side-note: I was away, I'm still busy and expect to be blogging very little until probably October.

One might say that all these 'Palestinians' are doing in life is plot murder of Jews. Frankly, I wouldn't give this particular dirty terrorist a death penalty, I'd just run over him with a taxi and stab him a couple of times. See if he survives that. But no worry, his family will be well paid with US, EU and UN funds by the murderous Palestinian authority. That's a dose of reality for you.

Terrorist was trying to get to the kids

Guards recall how they subdued terrorist who attacked Tel Aviv night club, frequented by teens: 'He had murder in his eyes; it could have been a bloodbath'

This is the type of terror against Jews by Arabs that the victims in Norway justified days before the horrible slaughter.

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