Friday, September 23, 2011

Abbas redefines ethnic cleansing in UN anti-peace speech

Here's a clue, when Jordan conquered Jerusalem, and kicked ALL of the Jews out, and took their property and destroyed their synagogs and cemeteries - THAT was ethnic cleansing. Silly Abbas, hadn't noticed Israel had not relocated a single Arab out of Jerusalem. And then he got huge applause and standing ovations, this is the level of absurdity international diplomacy and the loony UN stand for.

Abbas accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing

Mahmoud Abbas delivers fiery anti-Israel speech at UN, accuses Jewish state of ethnically cleansing east Jerusalem; FM Lieberman walks out during address, blasts Palestinian leader’s ‘speech of incitement’
You know who deserves standing ovations, sure - the guy who financed the Munich Olympics massacre of Israeli participants. The guy whose thesis to university in Moscow denies the holocaust. This guy. He definitely represents his hateful violent blood lusting nation.

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