Monday, September 26, 2011

Netanyahu blasts Erdogan's UN speech

My only question is do hatemongers who go on the UN stage and exclaim lies regarding holocaust and the most vilest of anti-Semitic vitriol in their attack on Israel, do these leaders believe what they say? Meaning, they have access to accurate news sources, history books etc, and choose to exclaim demagogue rhetoric usually meant to incite the ignorant hateful masses to amass riots. Are they doing so to please their hateful crowds - or out of blind belief resulting from their relentless hate and therefor ability to believe any libel raised against Jews.

Regardless, a person who exclaims such vile rhetoric cannot be labeled any other way than an anti-semitic dangerous lunatic,and both Erdogan and Abbas wear those labels well.

Netanyahu terms Erdogan comments 'outrageous, false'
PM tells 'Post' that Turkish PM's claims that Israel has killed thousands of Palestinians and uses Holocaust to perpetrate victimhood have nothing to do with facts.

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