Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Soros hand in Israel anti Netanyahu protest revealed

NIF received large sums from George Soros. They have used these funds to help Israel's enemies and those who would seek to murder Jews for being Jews. Today they announced on their website that they are funding current socialist protest. Which is precisely what I predicted when noticed usage of rhetoric completely foreign to Israeli affairs: Social Justice - it is an alien implant in Israel.

New Israel Fund admits funding anti-government Tent Protests
NIF announced on their website today, that "Shatil" -- the "operative arm of NIF" is actively helping the tent protestors, while the "Fund" part of the "New Israel Fund" is providing financial backing to the protest as well.

The link to their web link is here (in Hebrew), or read it via google translate, here.

Of course, NIF will say they are apolitical, as their slogan is "New Israel Fund is the leading organization committed to equality and democracy for all Israelis."

Or in plain speak; taking the "Jewish" out of the "Jewish State."

N.B. Here's a good explanation of "Piggish Capitalism" -- where an Israeli blames the tent city protestors for their own problems. The truth is -- its not capitalism that's the problem, its the irresponsible, piggish people.

And where Soros is involved, so is Obama.

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