Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Israeli lefty op-ed on YNet promotes lies against Glenn Beck (Is Soros pulling some strings?)

Trying to convince Israelis to not support a pro-Israel event?

News-Flash: Beck was not fired. Beck isn't using Israel to "get on top". It's ludicrous, and idiotic to publish blatant lies. YNet has sunk as low as a toilet paper can sink.

Glenn Beck exploiting Israel
Op-ed: Fired Fox commentator intends to use Israel as prop in his effort to get back on top


Tolerance for anti-Semitism

Among the reasons mainstream Americans do not like Beck is his insensitive exploitation of the Holocaust
and Nazism to smear his opponents. Most recently, this ugly insensitivity extended to the Norwegian campers who were killed in the Oslo terrorist attack. Because the camp was sponsored by Norway’s Labor Party, Beck likened the murdered kids to the “Hitler Youth.” This slur was reminiscent of Beck’s attacks on the Jewish billionaire, George Soros, who survived the Holocaust as a teenager.

Beck, who hates Soros’ liberal economic views, said that the Jewish Soros was a Nazi collaborator rather than a Nazi victim. (Imagine, anyone saying that about a 14 year old child; of course some of the Oslo campers were 14, too!)


Why - it's Soros propaganda lies, spread by Israeli News Paper.

Here are some simple facts:

A. Soros hates Israel and operates against it and in favor of Hamas. Everything Beck said about him is true and documented.

B. Glenn Beck does support Israel and in no way promoted Anti-Semitism.

Israelis, you pick your friend. Self proclaimed haters or lovers of Israel.

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