Thursday, August 18, 2011

Major terror attack in Israel, at least 5 dead, multiple scenes, Israel to retaliate stronger against Gaza?

When exactly will Ehud Barak order the ground assault to take out Hamas in Gaza?

Image from LA-Times

* Barak: IDF will hunt down perpetrators of Eilat attack

* Children among dead

Image from Channel 2, on IDF spokesperson site. Civilian bus where most civilian casualties and injured by Arab Muslim Terrorists
* Six killed in series of terrorist attacks in southern Israel

Several killed, dozens wounded after armed gunmen fired on bus traveling near Eilat, close to Egypt border; IDF and trades fire with gunmen; mortars are fired from Egyptian border; IDF kills several terrorists.

* Eilat: Ovda Airport closed due to terror attacks - was part of the attack against US/Israeli air-forces in Ovda?

* Report: Hamas evacuates security forces HQs fearing Israel's reaction - STOP BOMBARDING EMPTY BUILDINGS! TAKE THEM OUT! Finish the job.

* Barak: Terror attacks originate in Gaza - I can only guess, the orders came out of Syria and Gaza, the perpetrators were Israeli and Egyptian Arabs.

* Terror attacks: PM holds security assessments - Current Al-Qaeda controlled Sinai, and lack of Egyptian strong government invokes chaos, Israel has to treat entire south area as an on-going war zone from here on. Is this a return to the attrition war? At least we know that for now, Egyptian military isn't mobilized against Israel. For now.

* Evidence on terrorists bodies prove attack came from Gaza

* IDF had intelligence of an upcoming attack pending by groups waiting in Sinai (Hebrew)

Sky News Video (via Eye On The World)

* Netanyahu: The #terror attacks are a serious incident, in which Israeli citizens were killed and our sovereignty was breached. #Israel will react accordingly

* Gaza crossing shut down(Hebrew)

* Hamas in Gaza denies responsibility(Hebrew)

* Germany: Prosecute those responsible for attackc (Hebrew/Walla), Seriously, WTF? I don't think whoever came up with that statement thought it through.

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