Thursday, August 18, 2011

Israel takes out terror head who ordered today's massacre, terror event continues with 2 more wounded, Gaza fires rockets at Israeli civilians

And Iron Dome to be redeployed, expecting dozen more attempts to fire rockets at Israeli civilians. Ground action to follow unprecedented escalation?

* IDF strikes Gaza in wake of deadly terror attacks; senior Palestinian militant killed

* Terror continues: Two gravely hurt by fresh gunfire hours after deadly attacks

* Iron Dome intercepts at least 1 rocket fired at Ashkelon

* Iron Dome missile defense system to return to Beersheba

* Palestinians: IAF planes drop leaflets in Rafah, Philadelphi route

* IDF chief: More events taking place in field

* Report: Israeli air strike kills chief of Gaza's PRC group

* Netanyahu: The people who gave the order to murder our civilians and hid in Gaza are no longer alive (Hebrew)

Wounded evacuated after RPG launched at civilian bus.

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