Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gaddafi shot dead? Update: Nope! Confirmed captured? Fog of chaos...

Via twitter
UNCONFIRMED RT @MalikAlAbdeh: Receiving unconfirmed report from #Tripoli that #Gaddafi himself has been shot dead. Repeat: shot dead

You know who else aught to be shot dead right now? Anyone holding a weapon and aiming it at Israel from Gaza. Unimaginable continued terror and barely any coverage.

Israel is forced to sit it out to appease insanely hateful Muslim crowds at Cairo. Is Obama and US forcing a million Israelis into shelters so that the Arab spring can continue unabated, or is leader-less Egypt so eager to open a war with Israel if it takes back Gaza?

(Posted while away, not expecting to post much else this week - although there's plenty to post about)

Update: Dead or not, Libya is no longer in Gadaffi's hands, and Tripoly is won, Video (via IsraelMatzav)

How long have western media been embedded to such an extent with the mysterious rebels?

Update II:

Again, twitter:

Update III: Latest reports say old Gaddafi not captured, not shot dead... these people, with official position - aren't ashamed to make up lies on twitter. Is it part of the disinformation tactic, to let the enemy think something so that they won't fight? But for that, you'd have to have Libyan Gadaffi loyal forces scan twitter for shit. Seriously, I doubt THAT's what they were doing...

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