Friday, July 22, 2011

Terror hits Oslo (updated 3) - death toll at 30

Still no reports on who's responsible.

Oslo explosion: dozens injured, buildings damaged after Norway city blast

A massive explosion rocked central Oslo on Friday, injuring dozens of people and severely damaging government buildings including the Prime Minister’s office.

I'm sure Israelis who have been unfairly criticized by Norway for response to terror have a lot of cynicism and sarcasm to express... I'll hold on until more details emerge.

Horror footage, here.

Update I: Car Bomb?
Update II: Muslim threats to Norway

Update III: Death toll at 30 (Ynet)

If you want to know what Israelis and Jews think about this, visit comments at YNet's article. Israelis and Jews aren't shy about outrage over Norway's treatment of Jewish victims of terror, and that their anti Israel security stance did not immune them. Very similar to how the Nazis first came for the Jews and the world was silent until...

All that aside, any senseless terror attack, any mass murder of innocent civilians is abhorrent, worth condemning, and I feel for the wounded and the families of the victims.

Murder is murder, I hope some day the Europeans will get it - there's no difference between today's mass murder in Oslo to what Israelis have been going through, there can't be any excuse or justification to barbarity.

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