Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Obama to recruit usefull idiot Jews to deflect criticism of his anti-Israel policies for 2012 campaign

Just like Hamas and Iran who gather "Neturei Karta" and communists with fourth generation Jewish blood but no Jewishness to them to echo their own anti-Zionist hate-speech. Now Obama will try to utilize Democrat ideological Jews to deflect criticism. In my opinion, this has started from before the days of his election, and he proudly proclaimed then that he was pro-Israel because Rahm is Jewish. Much like "J-Street", the pro-Hamas Soros funded anti "Jewish Lobby" - lobby, uses it's "jewishness" as an excuse to deliver Soros and Obama extreme left agenda.

Obama 2012: Campaign Assembles Team of Influential Jewish Surrogates to Fight Criticism of Israel Policy

Is President Obama fearful that the tide of Jewish support might finally be turning for him in 2012? Obama, who received nearly 78 percent of the Jewish vote in 2008 has suffered backlash among Jewish supporters after airing some of his more egregious stances on Israel — namely his call for Israel to “return” to its “1967 borders.”

Obama, who conservatives believe has never been a friend of Israel, is preparing his campaign’s counterattack to criticisms on his Israel policy. Reportedly, Obama has enlisted a team of influential Jewish surrogates — who have, despite Obama’s spotted track record with Israel, remained loyal to the administration – to help fight his conservative critics. In addition to rallying support among voters and donors, the Jewish supporters on Obama’s team will reportedly publish Op-Ed pieces in various publications that “represent the White House’s viewpoint.”

The initiative will be spearheaded by Obama senior adviser David Axelrod

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