Saturday, July 09, 2011

Flotilla, Fly-Tilla, Fail-Tilla

Fail-Tilla, frick you - anti-Semite terrorists in training.

Despite making lists of anti-Semite loonies who might fly into Israel and letting the airlines know who they are, 120 made it to Ben Gurion and detained at jail until deportation. And frankly? Who gives a flying frick about them? Their entire PR campaign of anti-Semitism is merely mentioned around the web for comic relief. Which is how the Flotilla was treated up to the moment they pulled the metal rods and started throwing Israeli soldiers off the deck. At that point, they became "humanitarians", victims of Israeli brutality, and the ladder the Turkish extremist leadership used to climb off bilateral friendship.

Today they failed, watch out next year. They might send in yet more terrorists through air-planes like they did in the 70-s. Air-Travel security is no laughing matter. Kozo Okamato in today's Orwellian form of news reportage would be described as a humanitarian peace activist.

That being said, and now in jest, here's a bunch of other publicity stunts these ass-holes might come up with:

* Fart-tilla, fart their way to moon, stay there, please.

* Walk-tilla, oh - wait, Assad did that, and it did not help him divert attention from murdering Syrian civilians

* Tard-tila, mmm - wait again, that's their every-day state of mind

* Bungy-jumping-tilla, gosh I hope this cord fails.

* Phone-prank-tilla, Bart Simpson style.

* Buy-a-ticket-to-Egypt-enter-legally-through-Rafah-tilla, I like the jingle of that one-word code. Try that knuckleheads.

* Shut-the-frick-up-tilla, my preferred treatment of the ...tilla crowd

* Get-a-life-tilla, as in, you have non

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