Sunday, July 24, 2011

Did you know that Obama is pro-Israel and his predecessors aren't?

A washed laundry list by a blogger on Huffington Post wants to enlighten us:

The Most Anti-Israel President Ever?
Our Republican friends will do their darndest to convince us that the answer is Barack Obama. President Obama is not perfect, but let's compare him to his predecessors rather than to perfection.

George W. Bush (43) pressured Israel to allow Hamas to participate in Gaza elections despite the objections of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, thus granting Hamas a diplomatic coup and a legitimacy it otherwise could never have attained.

Bush failed to stop North Korea from acquiring nuclear weapons. Instead of making Iran a top priority, he eviscerated Iran's two natural enemies, Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving Iran free to focus on its quest for nuclear weapons. Bush, who never met a military action he didn't like, not only did not attack Iran, but he rejected Israeli requests for aid for an Israeli raid on Iran's main nuclear complex. Bush also violated security agreements with Israel in which the U.S. promised to preserve Israel's qualitative military edge over Arab armies.

George Bush (41) opposed loan guarantees because of Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank and Gaza. He also opposed new "settlements" in the West Bank or East Jerusalem. Bush complained that he was "one lonely little guy" up against thousands of lobbyists on the Hill. Those "lobbyists" were volunteers exercising their rights as American citizens. People like you and me.


President Obama has surrounded himself with staunchly pro-Israel advisors, including Dan Shapiro, Dennis Ross, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Rahm Emanuel.


We're going to hear again and again about how President Obama is supposedly not strong on Israel from Republicans who value partisan gain more than strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship. Our nation is united in its support for Israel. By using Israel as a wedge issue to create the illusion of policy differences between the parties on Israel, these Republicans only strengthen enemies of the US and Israel.

History proves that President Obama is a good friend of Israel.

For that we should all be thankful.

I guess if you suffer from severe amnesia, you won't remember Obama humiliating Netanyahu at first white house meeting, Biden's drama queen crisis while visiting Israel, Obama's list of demands at first entering office which halted negotiations with Arabs, Obama's flip-flop on Jerusalem and then that statement right before Netanyahu speech to congress regarding 67 borders and Jerusalem. Geee... Thanks Obama! I already forgot that whole paragraph I just wrote after reading Huffington Post and now again I believe Obama is Israel's friend!

Side note: Rahm, Hillary Clinton and Biden are examples of pro-Israel influences?! Really?! Strong amnesia, very strong.

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