Monday, July 04, 2011

CBS News misleading America regarding pro Hamas terrorists flotilla, calling them non-violent

Pro-Nazi "humanitarianism". Except they were anything but non-violent, and CBS is misleading its two and a half remaining geriatric viewers who forgot how to change the channel.

CBS Paints Anti-Israel Flotilla Activists As Nonviolent, Fails to Note Violent Coup By Hamas

Non-Violent humanitarian in action!
After showing behind anchor Russ Mitchell an image of the sign "To Gaza with Love" from one of the flotilla boats planning to challenge Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip, Saturday’s CBS Evening News showed a report highlighting the allegedly nonviolent intentions of American activists on board one of the ships - named "The Audacity of Hope" - without noting that, during last year’s anti-Israel flotilla trip, some activists attacked Israeli troops as they attempted to board. CBS correspondent Barry Peterson merely recounted that Israeli troops killed some of the activists without explaining why:

Last year, boats ran the blockade. Israeli commandos stormed one ship, killing nine. This time, politics was enough to have Greece ban any boats leaving in a new flotilla. Israel and Greece do more than half a billion dollars in trade, and Israel is planning a natural gas pipeline to Greece. The American activists knew getting to Gaza was a long shot, but still practiced to resist Israeli soldiers who might have boarded their ship.

A clip was shown of this year’s activists sitting on the floor in a circle as if practicing to nonviolently resist Israeli troops.

And, as Peterson informed viewers that the terrorist group Hamas’s control of Gaza was Israel's motivation behind the blockade, he incorrectly claimed that the blockade was imposed after Hamas won elections when, in reality, the blockade was imposed a year and a half after the elections after Hamas staged a violent coup against Fatah in Gaza in June 2007. The CBS correspondent also failed to explicitly state that the blockade’s purpose is to prevent the shipment of weapons to Hamas. Peterson: "The Israelis blockaded Gaza in 2007 after the terrorist group Hamas won elections, and Israel maintains tight control of its checkpoints as Egypt does from its side."


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